Riaans Auto Repairs
When it comes to servicing, the owner must realise that each vehicle has its own servicing cycle based upon the manufacturer requirements during development of the product. This can become confusing and words like Major Service is frequently used with the expectation of a complete fixer-upper done to a vehicle. At Riaans Auto Repairs we have combined all the necessary checks and replacements in our own special services offering.

Service 1 - Inspection Service

Optimum inspection from bumper to bumper. Only replacing the parts that will not last till the next service - lubricating and tightening, topping up and measuring. In order to supply the owner with feedback and quotation on defects. Ensuring safe and pleasant motoring and making budgeting and planning easy. DURATION: 1 day

Service 2 - Lube Service

Oil and filter change, topup washer fluid, 10 point safety check. Wheels not removed. DURATION: 1 hour

Service 3 - Minor Service

Oil and filter changed, combined with all the checks that is carried out during the inspection service but other service parts are not replaced even if they are worn out. DURATION: 1.5 hours

Service 4 - Major Service

This service is similar in principle to a minor service except that all the service parts are changed with the flush of the brake hydraulic system, cooling system flush and renewal of anti-freeze, diff and or gearbox oil renewal and cambelt change if required according to milage and year.

Service 5 - Fleet Maintenance

Skilled auto mechanics, breakdown assistance, to keep your fleet on the road, allowing your to stay competitive in a time of economic survival.
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