Riaans Auto Repairs

Questions & Answers

Do you work on Renault?
Yes. We are equipped to service and maintain all known makes and models of motor vehicles.
Can I pay with my debit card? Or can I pay by cheque?
Yes we accept debit and credit card payments, but no cheques please.
Do you guarantee your work?
All our work carries a minimum of 6 months workmanship guarantee.
What parts do you use?
We prefer to use the original parts when we repair your vehicle. 1 year guarantee.
Original parts are too expensive
We can use alternative parts with the OE mark for your vehicle (Original Equipment) with very good guarantee as well.
Do you supply pirate parts?
Pirate parts carries no guarantee and is usually a waist of your money - if we can not guarantee it then we wont fit it!
Can you fit second hand parts?
The guarantee on 2nd hand part are very limited - we will fit it on your request only.
My vehicle is very heavy on fuel - can you help?
Yes we can help. We will need the service history of your vehicle, then we will analyse the Co2 and adjust it to factory specifications in older vehicles. In newer vehicles we can analyse the total lamda reading - diagnose faulty sensors and repair to save you on fuel consumption.
Do you recycle?
Yes, we are very committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We can also assist you in understanding and reducing your own footprint by means of some motor vehicle education.
My vehicle is standing at my house and will not start
We have a towing service at reasonable prices and can collect your vehicle.