Riaans Auto Repairs
Riaans Auto Repairs has been a recognised name in the motor industry since 1996 in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Riaan van Zyl and his friendly staff are well known for setting standards in the Motor Industry and being under the top 100 Training companies in the merSETA group - South Africa.

buildingbestbuy At Riaans Auto Repairs, we pride ourselves in general Servicing and Maintenance, electronic fault finding on modern vehicles and repairing and reconditioning of every mechanical aspect of your motor vehicle. At Riaans Auto Repairs, no job is to small or no vehicle is to old. Riaan van Zyl is proud to be recognised as a leader in the motor mechanics in the Western Cape. At Riaans Auto Repairs we will like to remember your name and not your vehicles registration number! We are looking forward to meeting you! We are equally passionate about people as we are about cars...! We have a compliment of support and frontline staff - well trained and friendly. We also have qualified mechanics and specialists in training, services and repairs.

In 1998 Riaans Auto Repairs started training students for merSETA, so to put quality mechanics back into the industry that we have grown to love. Our current team is our most valid asset. Loyal staff, well trained, friendly and most of all honest which is the secret to our success.


All vehicles are pre-checked and re-checked to adhere to the highest standards


Most of our parts are guaranteed for 12 months / 20 000km. Our workmanship is always guaranteed for 12 months.

Comeback Policy

We stand behind our workmanship. Each comeback is treated urgent, and handled on its own merit.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute, the RMI whose word we do not argue, can be approached.